Persephone jewelry is manufactured in our workshop in Athens, Greece from 925 Sterling Silver. Silver jewels because of their material are made to last forever. They may change color over time due to a process called tarninshing, which is a natural process that occurs with exposure to air and certain substances. To prevent tarnishing or to keep your sterling silver jewelry looking their best, it is recommended to store them in protective jewelry boxes away from natural sunlight, heat and harsh chemicals. You are advised to regularly clean your jewelry and polish them with a soft cloth or silver polish.


Our gold plated jewelry pieces are more fragile and need special care related to silver jewelry without plating. In order to be gold-plated, our jewelry is dipped into a bath of liquid 14k gold creating a thin layer over the silver jewelry piece. Take off your gold-plated jewels before swimming, showering, or when using lotions and perfumes, as exposure to such substances can make your jewelry lose their gold plating. Over time, your gold-plated jewelry will start to lose their plating returning to their silver color. We provide free replating of jewelry for the first three months after purchase and then on we will be happy to replate your jewelry for a small fee, depending the jewelry piece.