The story behind Persephone goes back to the ancient Greek times, when Persephone, daughter of Zeus and Demetra, was both a floral maiden and queen of death.


The founders of Persephone, impressed by the contradictions of life, want to show a path where those contradictions are not criticized but embraced. For us Persephone is not just a name, is a philosophy of embracing the differences among people. Through our collection the contradictions are visible, as the products vary between silver, gold and black color tones. Every piece is handcrafted and designed in our lab carrying its own unique identity.


The ancient Greek identity, spirituality and the minimal designs are the fundamental elements of Persephone. Every piece is designed to highlight the beauty of simplicity by providing an elegant touch in any occasion. Our sterling silver jewelry are designed with love and address to everyone.

Turning jewelry into wearable art since 2018.